The Department of Defence takes a Manufacturing Overhaul

The Department of Defence takes a Manufacturing Overhaul

In order to support a strategy put forward by the administration of President Obama, the DOD- Department of Defense has decided to invest almost 1 billion dollars in the upcoming 5 years in the defense manufacturing industry. The technology which will include nanotechnology as well as robotics will be used to transform the manufacturing process which has been in use in the United States of America.

An event which was held at the National Robotics Engineering Center of Carnegie Mellon University, theDARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) carried out an experiment which intended to not only improve, but streamline the process of manufacturing as well. President Obama was also present at this event and it was here that the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership strategy was unveiled to the public. This strategy outlined the allocation of 500 million dollars to utilise high tech resources in order to propel job creation and improve the competitive standing of the United States in the manufacturing industry.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency made use of crowd sourcing which is a new approach towards manufacturing. This approach helps in reducing the process of manufacturing by a factor of 5 in order to develop the XC2V- Experimental Crowd derived combat support vehicle. This was an example which the president of the United States of America; President Obama used to show how innovation and the use of collaboration can help in improving and creating efficiency in the process of manufacturing.

A company which is known as Local Motors and is based in the state of Arizona was behind the designing of this XC2V. The design process was completed in one month’s time period and the best design was selected out of a possible 162. These 162 designs had been submitted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency through crowd sourcing which helped in soliciting ideas for this new vehicle. This new vehicle XC2V took almost 14 weeks to be built and completed.

This process of manufacturing which is a much accelerated one is one which can help save tax dollars. However it can also help in getting products to the theater in a much faster way. This could help in saving the lives of many and could also be used to be transferred to the private sector in a much quicker way. This also means that better services and products could be sold and exported to countries all over the world. This was stated by president Obama, the transcript of which can be found online.

Programs which were a part of Defense Advanced Research Project Agency Adaptive Vehicle Make also known as AVM portfolio experimented with a variety of manufacturing processes which further led to the development this new vehicle XC2V along with the Instant Foundry Adaptive through iFAB (Bits) and theFANG (Fast Adaptive Next Generation Ground Combat Vehicle)
the XC2V, including Instant Foundry Adaptive through Bits (iFAB) and Fast Adaptive Next-Generation Ground Combat Vehicle (FANG).
The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency is currently in search of ideas for the AVM portfolio which is known as the Component, Context and Manufacturing Model Library.


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