3D Printing News July 28 2011

3D printing helps firms make parts
BBC News
3D printing has been around for 30 years making industry prototypes. Now some companies are beginning to use 3D printers to make components. At EADS near Bristol, where they make the Airbus aeroplane, research teams are working on components such as
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BBC News
3D printing: The world’s first printed plane
New Scientist
They are hoping to show how 3D printing will revolutionise the economics of aircraft design – by flying the world’s first fully "printed" plane. Led by Andy Keane and Jim Scanlan of the University of Southampton, the team believes that 3D printing will
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3D printing takes off with unmanned aircraft
3D printing has taken off in a big way with the development of a fully-functional model aircraft. A team form Southampton University led by Andy Keane and Jim Scanlan designed the flying machine, which has a 1.5 metere wingspan, as part of a project
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3D Systems Earns 26 Cents per Share for Second Quarter 2011
GlobeNewsWire (press release)
3D printer units sold tripled over the comparable period and accounted for a $5.5 million revenue increase. During the second quarter the company recruited 27 new resellers to its global distribution network that aggregated to 167 channel partners.
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Fisher/Unitech to Provide Crossover 3D Printer from Stratasys
Computer Graphics World
Fisher/Unitech, a Stratasys reseller and partner for more than 15 years, is now offering the Fortus 250mc Production 3D printer from Stratasys. The Fortus 250mc crossover system combines the ease-of-use and affordability of a Dimension with the control
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Computer Graphics World
Stratasys shares pummeled on revenue miss
Pioneer Press
HP Designjet 3D printers are sold in only five European countries: the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. There are no plans yet to bring them to North America, the center of the 3D printing market. she has talked with HP executives
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3D printing: the technology that could re-shape the world
3D printers are getting cheaper and more capable. Shane Richmond hears how we could soon be printing our own consumer goods. Two of Ravensbourne’s 3D printers: a ZCorporation Z450 (left) and a Dimension uPrint. By Shane Richmond, Head of Technology
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The Clone Factory: Make Your Own Mini-Me – Technabob
By Range
One shop in Tokyo, Japan, has decided to offer realistic replicas of people to discerning customers. Perfect when you want to start the bejeezus out of someone. the clone factory tokyo japan dolls 3d printing spooky weird
3D printing: The world’s first printed plane – tech – 27 July 2011
The promise of 3D printing has finally taken off with the development of a drone that takes just a week to create.
News Details
3D Printing Puts its Best Foot Forward. Friday, July 22, 2011. The shoe fanatics of this world would most certainly have heard the name Marloes ten Bhomer.
Focusing on 3D Printing Today
Due to the industry of 3D printing still being new and innovative, people are still unsure as to where this particular industry is headed.

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