3D Printing News August 22 2011

LEGO 3D milling machine carves amazing 3D shapes out of foam
We’ve seen a lot of 3D printers lately, but it that doesn’t mean milling/CNC machines don’t have their place. The latest one to get to our attention comes from Arthur Sacek from Brazil’s ZOOM Education for Life, a 13-year-old company that teams up with
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What 3D printing means for "traditional" resellers
While hype around the technology has been increasing over the last year, 3D printing still might not be the right market for traditional VARs.

3D printing
American Printer Magazine
Three-dimensional printing. I did not believe it, but below is a short video of how it works. The more technology advances, the more printing is redefined. Just check out the video put out by National Geographic on June 23, 2011, focused on 3D printing
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Stephen Colbert’s head gets launched into space (video)
Washington Post (blog)
By Emi Kolawole The folks at 3D printer company MakerBot Industries have been receiving a lot of attention recently, as 3D printing becomes more accessible and affordable. MakerBot, which produces the Thing-O-Matic, a 3D printer that retails for $1299
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How 3D Printing Will Change Absolutely Everything It Touches
Written by Robert "Buzz" Kross The sudden buzz about 3D printing and its potential has triggered a deafening din in the media and elsewhere.

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