3D Printing News – December 9 2011

3D printing
The Economist
It was here that 300 or so exhibitors working in three-dimensional printing (or “additive manufacturing” as they prefer to call it) were gathered. Some of their 3D printers were the size of cars; others were desktop models.
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3D Engineering Material Enables Thermal Functional Testing
Design News
Objet has introduced a high-temperature engineering material for the thermal functional testing of 3D printed parts and prototypes. The material, RGD525, simulates the high thermal performance of engineering plastics while maintaining dimensional
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NASA Looks to 3-D Printing for Spare Parts for Space Station
Scientific American
A first step toward space factories may come from NASA’s recent selection of a US startup’s proposal to build a 3D printer for the space station. Such printing technology could build any number of objects, layer by layer, based on designs uploaded from
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Scientific American
Economical 3D Printers Offer High Resolution
Modern Machine Shop
With small physical footprints, the printers are suited for classrooms, departments or small businesses. According to the company, the printers print faster than other 3Dprinting technologies, and can print multiple, stacked models simultaneously.
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PrintWeek’s ‘The Power of Print‘ cover competition
By repeating and layering the image, I built up texture and the 3D element to the cover to really show what print could be capable of, but still through the filter of digital in the form of the binary code. I that think by combining elements from
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High-tech spider for hazardous missions
Creamer Media’s Engineering News
Researchers at the institute, on the other hand, rely on generative production technologies, specifically the selective laser sintering (SLS) of plastics, a 3D printing process. In this process, step by step, thin layers of a fine polyamide powder are
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What’s the Toughest Challenge of the Year?
Design News
Fortunately, the attraction that drew most of us into the profession in the first place has been in ample evidence this year in the form of fun and forward-looking technologies like energy efficiency, 3D printing, the rise of the digital factor,
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MineToys Crafts Minecraft Avatars in 3D
Technabob (blog)
MineToys is a combination of the two – a service that takes Minecraft avatars from your virtual desktop to your real desktop, thanks to the wonders of 3D printing. All you have to do is provide MineToys with the username of the avatar to be printed.
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Technabob (blog)
Z Corporation to be Acquired by 3D Systems (Z Corp manufactures
By Joel Salus
If you’re a reprographer and offer 3D printing services, are you earning a profit on your 3D printing services? When I asked several reprographer friends that question, four years ago, no one replied “yes.” Perhaps now it’s a profitable service?
Reprographics 101 (more than…
3D printing: The shape of things to come | The Economist
Some of their 3D printers were the size of cars; others were desktop models. All worked, though, by building products up layer by layer from powered metal,

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