3D printing News – December 21 2011

3D printers: Almost mainstream
He then sent the design file for each component to a 3D printer, which sliced the objects into sections less than 1/100th of an inch thick by printing it, one layer at a time, using molten ABS plastic as the "ink." As a 3D printer begins fabricating an
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3D printers compared: A sampling
By Robert L. Mitchell Builds 3D object by alternating layers of ordinary printer paper and adhesive; tungsten carbide blade automatically cuts away excess material that is removed using fingers or tweezers; waste material also supports the object as
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3D Systems Adds Potomac Photonics to Its Reseller Network
MarketWatch (press release)
"The Potomac Photonics team is highly qualified to deliver our 3D printing products to their growing customer base." "We are very pleased to represent 3D Systems’ comprehensive design to manufacturing solutions," stated Mike Adelstein, President of
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Exclusive: Inside Microsoft’s model shop, where prototypes are printed in 3D
The Verge
Karsten Aagaard, user experience designer, says that the team tries to print 3D prototypes in "real-time" so that designers can work rapidly. If a prototype design is submitted at 5PM, the team endeavors to have them printed by the time the designers
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How to deck the halls, 3D printer style
Additive manufacturing — also known as 3D printing — has a long way to go before we all have 3D printers in our homes. But it’s already been able to do some pretty amazing things: “print” a playable flute, an ultra-efficient car, even a glass bowl
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Tech gifts: Adventures, sound and more
In the tech world, arts and crafts comes in the form of 3D printing, a manufacturing technology that has enabled people to "print" clothing, jewelry, home decorations and even a jet engine prototype. While these machines can cost tens of thousands of
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3D TV might be a thing of the past, QD TV the future
Good 3D TV News
He boasted that they have also been working on the rolls of the wallpaper or curtains that would also be made out of quantum dots printing. As a result seeing the sun rising over a beach as soon as you wake up would no longer remain a distant dream.
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5 Incredible Technologies That Will Shape Our Future
International Business Times AU
Imagine replacing your sick organs with a 3D print. Over the last few years 3D printing has been gaining ground in different industries because of the speed and efficiency in which parts can be manufactured. 3D prints can be used in medicine to replace
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International Business Times AU
Electro Image LLC takes business card printing to the next level.
The business card backing can also be printed in normal four color process. Lenticular cards are very durable and substantial; total thickness with plastic and 4D viewer combined is .21pt. However, the 3D effect appears solely on the front,
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Shapeways | blog: Your Holiday 3D Printing Heading Your Way
By blog (Duann)
Yesterday was the biggest single day for shipping with 594 packages of your 3D printed goodness heading out the door yesterday. Our friends at UPS had to bring two vans to handle the load and the very last box only just squeezed in.
Shapeways Blog
MAKE | Best of MAKE: 3DPrinted Objects
By John Baichtal
Best of MAKE: 3DPrinted Objects. Hi makers! This is my unscientific list of favorite printable projects we’ve blogged about over the past year. What cool projects did I miss? Post in the comments.
Cisco Blog » Blog Archive » Additive Manufacturing: Is 3D Printing
It seems like something out of Star Trek. A “replicator” – something that can create any complex object from generic raw materials, such as powdered.
comments on MAKE’s “Santa Claus Machines” – 3D printing – Adafruit
Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits : Blog – MiniPOV SpokePOV Tools MintyBoost Gift Certificates AVR Development Arduino Useful stuff

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