3D Printing News – November 2012

3D printing making inroads Technology is being used in the auto, aviation and
Vancouver Sun
3D printing technology has already begun to disrupt the traditional manufacturing process, and recent innovations have made it possible to quickly and simply produce 3D objects from home. 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD) and Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS) are
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3DPrinted Rockets Help Propel NASA’s Space Launch System
“It’s the latest in direct metal 3D printing — we call it additive manufacturing now,” says Ken Cooper, leader of the Advanced Manufacturing Team at the Marshall Centre. “It takes fine layers of metal powder and welds those together with a laser beam
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3DPrinted Adapter Rescues Threatened iPhone Dock
The Elevation Dock for the iPhone is a classic Kickstarter story. An indie designer develops a better mouse trap, raises $1.4 million, and of course, delivers the product to backers, very, very late. These delays created a serious problem when they
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3D printing coming to Brisbane
Brisbane Times
The state’s first 3D printing lab is to be established at The Edge, at the State Library of Queensland, and in another first the revolutionary technology will be paid-for with cash secured through crowd-funding. So far, the library has raised more than
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Brisbane Times
US military working on backpack-sized, £440 3D printer
on backpack-sized, £440 3D printer. Summary: The US Army already uses a 3D printer setup to produce spare parts in Afghanistan, but it has now unveiled a smaller, cheaper version that it says could make its way into people’s homes in the coming years.
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3Dprinted home of the future resembles a cave dwelling
TG Daily
Sure, 3D printing tech can be used to fabricate familiar everyday objects, and even whole rooms. But why use an infinitely flexible and creative medium to reproduce existing architectural forms? That’s the thinking behind a London design studio named
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In Japan, 3D printing booths launch
SmartPlanet.com (blog)
In what is considered the world’s first 3D printing booth, the general public can have their 3D photos taken at the exhibition space Eye of Gyre in Harajuku, Japan. Open from November 24 to January 14 next year, if you make a reservation through the
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Can 3D printing benefit resource-challenged communities?
SmartPlanet.com (blog)
Here at SmartPlanet, we’ve covered 3D printing from a lot of angles, from how it may affect large-scale manufacturing efforts and global supply chains to the many types of objects being made (guns, miniature doppelgängers of ourselves). It’s a topic
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3D Printing Workshopping the future of 3D printing
Deutsche Welle
Thanks to open source technology, 3D printing is becoming more and more common. If you have never seen a 3D printer in action, imagine an inkjet printer laying ink on a page line by line. A 3D printer does the same thing, except with plastic, ceramics
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Deutsche Welle
3D print plan wins Startup Weekend’s cash prize
Press & Sun-Bulletin
An entrepreneural group known as ProtoME 3D won first prize at the initial Startup Weekend competition at the Riverwalk Hotel & Conference Center. Judges awarded $2,000 cash to the group to pursue its plan for large-scale 3D printing in a manufacturing
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The Hobbit’s World Was Brought To Life With 3D Printers
Weta Workshop is one of the premier special effect studios on the planet. The studio is responsible for bringing The Lord of the Rings and other high profile films to life. Now they’re working on The Hobbit, and much of the modeling work is being done
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World’s first 3D printing photo booth set for scan
Now’s your chance, thanks to Omote 3D, which will soon be opening what’s described as the world’s first 3D printing photo booth in Harajuku, Japan. There, visitors will have their bodies scanned into a computer, a process which takes about 15 minutes.
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3D Printed Ark of the Covenant: Raiders of the Lost Tech
Technabob (blog)
Raiders of the Lost Ark is still one of my favorite movies of all time, and at the center of that film was the quest for the mysterious lost Ark of the Covenant. Now, you can own your own miniature version of the Ark, intricately crafted using 3D
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Technabob (blog)
3D manufacturing: Printing a new nose
Medical Xpress
It was already possible to take photographs in 3D, design objects in 3D on a computer and manufacture 3D objects from scratch by printing out layer after layer of powdered material, bonded by a resin. 3D printing – also known as ‘additive manufacturing
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Creation and copyright law: The case of 3D printing
3D printing or additive manufacturing is the process of making three-dimensional physical objects from digital models. The Economist has observed: ‘Tinkerers with machines that turn binary digits into molecules are pioneering a whole new way of making
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NASA Hops on the 3D Printing Bandwagon and Prints Some Rocket Parts
As much as we love the notion of 3D printing ourselves a pizza and sitting down to a 3D printed game of canasta at a 3D printed dinner table, it sometimes seems this snazzy technology is often used to produce little more than tchotchkes. And then NASA
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First International Maker Meetup, on 3D Printing, Nov 15
Boing Boing
The main subject of this meetup will be 3D printing and our just-printed Make: Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing. We will be hosting a face-to-face meetup here in Sebastopol and other people are creating their own meetups around the world. We will also be
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Infinite 3Dprinted bacon is the answer to everything, almost
This, my friends, is a piece of 3Dprinted bacon that goes on forever. It has no beginning, no end, and only one side, so there’s nowhere for the bacon-y flavor to hide. So why is it only "almost" the answer to everything? Just one simple, blasphemous
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3D print your own punch card reader and relive the good old days
If you’ve got a 3D printer and a little patience, you can create your own mechanical punch card reader to relive the origins of computing. Yes, before there were vacuum tubes, there were cards. Thingiverse user Chris has posted the plans for a punch
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Scientists reveal new insights on nano 3D printing
R & D Magazine
A team of physicists funded by FEI Company and the Australian Research Council have unveiled new physics behind the nanofabrication technique known as electron beam induced deposition (EBID), essentially 3D printing at the molecular level. The UTS
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R & D Magazine
World’s first 3D printing photo booth to open
3D Focus
Japanese company Omote 3D will be offering the 3D printing ‘mini-me’ service from November 24th to January 13th at the EYE OF GYRE exhibition space in Harajuku, Japan. 3D Printed Couple 228×300 World’s first 3D printing photo booth to open
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3D Focus
3D printers raise concern of parents,students
Download, print and wait. Within hours a firearm that can shoot real bullets can be sitting in your home. There is not even a serial number or receipt attached to it. 3D printers, also called MakerBots, are able to build a gun using free schematics
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Pitch perfect: The quest to create the world’s smallest hearing aid
They’ve been gradually shrinking ever since and 3D printing technology has now enabled the slender machines to vanish almost completely into the ear. "The ear canal is actually extremely sensitive, so the tiniest irregularity may be intolerable
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3D Systems (DDD) Thriving in Tough Market
Cabot Wealth Advisory
3D Systems (DDD) has thrived in the currently struggling stock market environment, Investors Business Daily reported. 3D Systems is a leader in the emerging 3D printing field. 3D printers allow designers and manufacturers to make prototypes or custom
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3D printing used in a resourceful way
3D TV Watcher
Printing in 3D involves layering melted plastic, via a mechanical extruder, in a precise pattern so that the molten material builds up into a three dimensional object. The students are calling their organisation Water for Humans and will enlist local
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3D TV Watcher
NASA is 3D printing rocket engine parts – Hack a Day
By Brian Benchoff
In case you haven’t heard, NASA is building a new rocket – a replacement for the shuttle – that will eventually take crews again outside low Earth orbit. It’s called the Space Launch System and looks surprisingly similar to the Saturn V that took
Hack a Day
3D printed vegan Kosher Moebius bacon #3dthursday « adafruit
By Matt
Duann from Shapeways sez, “Infinite bacon is now possible direct from Shapeways 3D printers. The dream of 3D printing food, infinite possibilities, infinite supply is now possible with the ultimate food to infinity, 3D printed Bacon Mobius Strip.
adafruit industries blog
[non-Blender] Repairing Reality with 3D Printing | BlenderNation
By Bart
Here is an amazing and inspiring little video about a crazy application of 3D printing.
World’s First 3D Printing Photo Booth Opens In Tokyo — The Pop
By Jeroen Beekmans
Needless to say, 3D printing is hot-hot-hot. While we’re patiently waiting for the first easy-to-use, mass-consumer 3D printers to hit the department stores of our cities, all kinds of artists, designers and architects try to find out what’s in it for them.
The Pop-Up City
Architizer Blog » US Army Developing Faster, Cheaper 3D Printers
By Aj Artemel
The US Government has begun to invest heavily in 3D printing technologies recently, with several major programs ongoing to investigate the possibilities of making 3D printing capabilities cheaper, faster, and more widely available. Many in
Architizer Blog
Preview to MAKE’s Ultimate 3D Printer Guide – RoboSavvy
By mantrid, in 3D Printing for Robotics
RoboSavvy Ltd. specializes in sales, distribution and support of advanced robotic products for the hobby and education/research markets worldwide. We host the most popular online technical community support forum for robot builders.
RoboSavvy Forum
Objet Launches 3D printer for Acedemia—The Objet30 Scholar
By Leslie Langnau
Objet Ltd. announced the release of an all-inclusive 3D printer package for schools, colleges, universities and institutes of higher education.
Make Parts Fast
Chris Anderson on 3D Printing and the Maker Movement
By Jerry Brito
Chris Anderson, former Wired magazine editor-in-chief and author of Makers: The New Industrial Revolution, describes what he calls the maker movement. According to Anderson, modern technologies, such as 3D printing and open source
Technology Liberation Front
A New Future With 3D Printers | Technology News
By DAVID SHAMAH, Times of Israel
Every now and then, a new technology comes along that revolutionizes some, or most, of our daily lives. Israel’s Reut Institute believes that 3D printers present such a revolution and has set up an ambitious program designed to put dozens of
No Camels
Will 3D printing and crowdsourcing bring the industrial revolution
By Ville Miettinen
In Europe and the US right now, almost no issue commands more air time than persistently high unemployment rates (other than what Kate Middleton is wearing, of.
default.jpg?h=90&w=120&sigh=__ueLaxyI8SoEQT_Qhw4oL0oCRk1w= 3D Printing Bacon to Infinity (VIDEO) – Shapeways
Infinite bacon is now possible direct from Shapeways 3D printers. The dream of 3D printing
MAKE | World’s First 3D Printing Photo Booth
What’s being called the world’s first 3D printing photo booth will be available Nov. 24 through Jan. 14 at an…
The 3D Printing Craze Hits Young Entrepreneurs
Three-dimensional printing technology is helping treps start and run dynamic new businesses.
default.jpg?h=90&w=120&sigh=__tl450WU5f94-oQkrY9eJgUPT2r4= Organovo – The Company Behind The First Commercial Bioprinter
Organovo is a company that specialises in bioprinting – the laboratory engineering of tissue
Tinkering With Technology – 3D Printing Industry
Loughborough University in the UK has launched an initiative aiming primary school children involvement in engineering in the early age through 3d printing.
default.jpg?h=90&w=120&sigh=__RQAEqk0eDdjcvEC8q4AzKqjk2gM= L5: An Attractive New 3D printer on Kickstarter – 3D Printing Industry
The L5 is meant to appeal to hobbyists, too. The printer can be ordered in kit form , and if
Chris Anderson on 3D Printing and the Maker Movement
Chris Anderson, former Wired magazine editor-in-chief and author of Makers: The New Industrial Revolution, describes what he calls the maker movement.
3D Printing Contributing to Underwater Conservation – 3D Printing
Construction-scale 3D printers have been used experimentally to create artificial reefs, which are essential for conservation work in many parts of the world.
default.jpg?h=90&w=120&sigh=__UUUFtdSYHLMVN4YzUJPQ5Mwd1Lo= MAKE | MAKE’s Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing
Did you miss MAKE’S Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing preview on Google+ earlier this week
The Jewellery Sector and 3D Printing3D Printing Industry
For the jewellery sector, 3D printing has proved to be particularly disruptive. 3D printing can contribute greatly to the further development of this industry.

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