3D News – November 2012

Voxeljet 3D printer used to produce Skyfall’s Aston Martin stunt
By Mark Hearn
Spoiler alert: a reoccurring cast member bids farewell in the latest James Bond flick. When the production of Skyfall called for the complete decimation.
Ray Zone, the ‘3D King of Hollywood,’ Dies at 65 – The Hollywood
By Mike Barnes
He produced 3D adaptations of art for more than 150 comic books and worked in the movies and on Tool’s cleverly packaged 2006 album 10000 Days.
Artist 3D prints replica of his own skull – Boing Boing
By Cory Doctorow
Today, Derek Kirk Kim’s online science fictional rom-com comic Tune has been collected in the first of (I hope) many volumes, with Tune: Vanishing Point. Sweet Tooth 5: Unnatural Habitats, in which the chimeric apocalypse gets even more
Boing Boing
New Chip Is Next Step in 3D Gesture Control Phones
By MIT Technology Review
The clickwheel of the first iPod worked by measuring electric field disturbances in one dimension. The first iPhone touch screen functioned similarly,
Mashable » Dev & Design
3D Printer Photo Booth Makes Figurines Instead of Photos
By EDW Lynch
Tokyo’s stylish Harajuku district will soon be home to an unusual pop-up photo booth—customers will walk away not with photos, but with 3D printed figurines of themselves. The customer is first 3D scanned in a process that requires them to
Laughing Squid
Japanese Portrait Studio Creates Tiny 3D Sculptures Instead of 2D
By Michael Zhang
Omote 3D is a new "photo booth" that has popped up in the Harajuku district of Tokyo Japan. A project by creative studio PARTY, the booth differs from.
Dutch Artist Recreates His Own Skeleton Via 3D Printer
By Zach Walton
3D printers can create some amazing works of art. Some recent examples include a tower of abstract resin, or 3D printed portraits of people. Now one Dutch artist may have created the best work of art to come from 3D printing. Caspar Berger
Top News – WebProNews
123D Design: Create Incredible 3D Printed Designs on Your iPad
By Leslie Horn
3D printing is so freaking cool, even the creators of Skyfall made a 3D printed Aston Martin just for the movie. You’re probably not recreating a rare car for an upcoming blockbuster, but you can dream up your own crazy designs with 123D
Dutch artist 3D prints CT scan of his own skeleton
By Jason Falconer
A Dutch artist known for his self portraits has reproduced his own skeleton using cutting-edge technology.
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Dredd Is Bringing Judgment To 3D, Blu-ray And DVD In January
By all accounts Dredd was a rollicking adventure story that was simply too grim and too violent for a widestream audience. The flick didn’t do so hot at the box office, and was in an out of theaters before you could say, “judgment.” The good
Cinema Blend Feeds
One Direction’s Going 3D & Coming To A Theater Near You
By Perez Hilton
One Direction announce their upcoming 3D movie on the Today show this morning! Find out the details here!
Nokia acquires 3D map company, launches ‘Here’ location cloud
Nokia Oyj, the struggling Finnish smartphone maker, unveiled a new mapping and location services brand under the name Here and said it acquired a 3D mapping company.
FP Top Stories List
‘Jupiter Ascending’ — Wachowskis’ first 3D film stars Channing
By Frank DiGiacomo
The Wachowskis are about to shoot their first film in 3D, which, after the complexity of Cloud Atlas, almost sounds like a comedown. FilmStage.com reports that the cinema siblings will utilize 3D for the first time to make their next science-fiction
Nokia Steps Up Its Mapping-Quest, Buys Earthmine For 3D Street
By Ingrid Lunden
Nokia today is taking some big steps to upgrade its Maps division, starting with a big rebrand as Here. To beef up the service, today Nokia also announced tha..
LEGO New York, 3D Design Based on Maps & Satellite Imagery
By Justin Page
New York 3D artist and motion designer J.R. Schmidt created a beautiful 3D LEGO New York topographical design by using various elevation maps and satellite images of New York (as seen below) to properly set the elevation and colors of
Laughing Squid
Our three-dimensional future: how 3D printing will shape the global
By Rose Eveleth
At what point will 3D printing move beyond novelty, and into industry? When will these printers affect the global economy? What if I told you they alr.
All Content on SmartPlanet
Wachowskis’ ‘Jupiter Ascending’ is Arriving in 3D
By Sandy Schaefer
‘Matrix’ and ‘Cloud Atlas’ directors Andy and Lana Wachowski’s new sci-fi project ‘Jupiter Ascending’ will be released in 3D. Is that good or bad news?
Screen Rant
3D printing photo booth pops up in Japan | Geek.com
By Matthew Humphries
Nov. 12, 2012 – 3D printing is both gaining in popularity and getting cheaper to perform due to a growing number of printers hitting the market. As you’d expect, as those.
Summer Olympics, Fewer 3D Releases Hit Cineworld’s Financials
By Stuart Kemp
The second-largest U.K. exhibitor reports lower admissions and revenue for its latest period.
Nokia acquires 3D street imagery firm earthmine to compete with
By Tom Warren
Alongside its newly rebranded Here mapping platform, Nokia announced at an event in San Francisco today that it has acquired 3D street level imagery firm earthmine. Known for its 3D imagery of…
The Verge – All Posts
Lytro adds 3D-like perspective shifting and filters to its light field
By David Pierce
One thing we loved about Lytro from the beginning is that the camera should get better over time — the company has always claimed it’s collecting more data than it’s using, and over the last…
The Verge – All Posts
The Omote 3D Photo Booth is Like a Real-Life Shrink Ray Gun
By Kristine Lofgren
The future is here as the Omote 3D Photo Booth gets ready to open in Tokyo. The photo booth can print mini replicas of the human figure in 4 to 8-inch sizes.
Weekend Diversion: Blending the “real” with 3D prints – ScienceBlogs
By Ethan
One of the most amazing recent technological innovations is the advent of 3D Printing, where any shaped or textured object can be accurately reproduced with the right software and printing materials. The things that I’ve seen made so far
One Direction Announces 3D Concert Movie on ‘Today Show
By Just Jared
One Direction Announces 3D Concert Movie on ‘Today Show’
Just Jared
You Can Get A 3D Printed Model Of Yourself In Japan | WebProNews
By Zach Walton
3D printers have been used for some strange things, but the strangest has come from Japan. Back in July, we reported on a Japanese company that would recreate a fetus via 3D printing. It was a little strange, but there’s probably a market for
Top News – WebProNews
You Can Now Get A 3D Printed Model Of Your Minecraft
By Zach Walton
To help combat this particularly depressing scenario, FigurePrints has started to make 3D prints of Minecraft creations. The company has already made a name for itself by crafting 3D printed models of players’ World of Warcraft and Xbox Live
Top News – WebProNews
Nokia Acquires Earthmine, Launches Here Mapping Service
By Emil Protalinski
Nokia has acquired 3D-mapping company Earthmine and at the same time launched a new mapping service called Here, available for Windows Phone 8 as an app.
The Next Web
Soccer Up 3D Screens Viewable Via This Handy QR Code – 3DS
Cameras at the ready – EnjoyUp Games has been busy in recent weeks releasing titles such as La Mulana on WiiWare and Abyss…
ExcitingAds! Life
Modi in 3D: ‘Yes, I am Hanuman’s monkey, Ganpati’s mouse’ | Firstpost
By Sanjay Singh
As always, Modi is innovating campaign style. After Modi masks in 2007, this time he is using holographic 3D images to get his message across.
One Direction Releasing 3D Concert Movie in August 2013
By Us Magazine Team
The band announced their upcoming movie during a performance on the TODAY show Tuesday in NYC.
Us Magazine All Channel News
Puzzler World 2012 3D (3DS) Review – Nintendo Life
Puzzler World 2012 3D is the first 3DS title following a long line of DS games, including the recently reviewed DSiWare release Puzzler World XL. While there haven’t been many changes to the formula in the transition to Nintendo’s newest
ExcitingAds! Life
Deviazione ceramic road signs and 3Dzionale 3D vase by Guido
By Emilie Chalcraft
Deviazione ceramic road signs and 3Dzionale ceramic vase, hand-painted by Italian craftspeople and designed by Guido Garotti.
MAKE | 3D Printing Meetup in San Francisco Today!
By Stett Holbrook
Hey there all you Bay Area makers and 3D printing enthusiasts. If you want to join the MAKE Meetup on…
Turning 3D shutter glasses into automatic sunglasses – Hack a Day
By Mike Szczys
[Dino's] hack this week seeks to create sunglasses that dim based on the intensity of ambient light. The thought is that this should give you the best light level even with changing brightness like when the sun goes behind a cloud or walking
Hack a Day
One Direction: 3D Movie Coming! | Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis
By Just Jared Jr
One Direction get their dance on while performing on The Today Show in New York City on Tuesday morning (November …
Just Jared Jr.
MAKE | 3D-Printed iPhone Sweater Case
By Adam Flaherty
Check out this cool Janne Kyttanen-inspired 3D-printed iPhone sweater case from Shapeways’ Design for iPhone 5 Contest winner ArtizanWork. It’s…
Omote 3D Photo Booth Churns out Miniature Models of Yourself
By Hazel Chua
2D pictures are so yesterday. At least, they are in Japan. Rolling out on November 24th in Harajuku are 3D-printing photo booths called the Omote 3D. Instead of flat prints, people will get miniature 3D figurines of themselves for a souvenir.
One Direction News – One Direction Announce 3D Movie, Perform
By Crystal Bell
One Direction brought eager fans to tears Tuesday morning when they performed their current single ‘Little Things’ on Today. But, that wasn’t all. The.
Tarântula in Action – Blender 3D Short Film | BlenderNation
By Community Reporter
By Paulo Ricardo S. Ribeiro. Paulo writes: This is a new animation I made in Blender for a few weeks. I intend to post the making of soon too. Portfolio.
‘Texas Chainsaw 3D‘ Clip: Welcome to Texas, Motherf—–
By Mike Sampson
‘Texas Chainsaw 3D‘ has released its first clip and it’s pretty much what you would imagine from a ‘Texas Chainsaw’ movie sequel. Two young, attractive.
Pokédex 3D Pro Tops 3DS eShop Chart in North America – eShop
Not too high a price to pay, clearly – Pokédex 3D Pro was a high profile release on the eShop in last week’s Nintendo Dow…
ExcitingAds! Life
Count Me In: 3D Printing Service Will Print Replicas Of Your
FigurePrints is a 3D printing service that will color print 3-D models of your Minecraft cities, World of Warcraft characters, and XBox avatars (but who gives a shit about those?). Warcraft figures start at $130, and Minecraft models are…
Geekologie – Gadgets, Gizmos,…
Minecraft 3D Prints Bring Your Creations to Life
By Conner Flynn
So you’ve created all kinds of masterpieces in Minecraft, but it’s a shame that you can’t enjoy them off your screen – and that makes you sad. Well, cheer up nerd-boy.
MAKE | Artist 3D-Prints Skeletal Self-Portrait
By Goli Mohammadi
Dutch sculptor Caspar Berger is known for the series of self-portraits he’s made over the past few years. Most recently, for a piece aptly titled Skeleton, he’s used data from a CT scan of his body to 3D-print life-sized replicas of his bones in
Narendra Modi’s latest avatar: Gujarat’s 3D star | Firstpost
By FP Staff
As the December polls edge closer, the tech-savvy Gujarat chief minister is all set to change gears and unleash a hi-fi virtual audio-visual campaign.
TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D First Clip of a Kill Happy Leatherface – News
By Joey Paur
Geek, Movie, and Entertainment news from GeekTyrant.
AGH: One Direction announce 3D film on The Today Show
By Lizzie Cox
In news that will send thousands of running into the streets screaming in excitement, One Direction announced plans to star in a 3D feature length film on The Today Show today. Ye and Gods. Yup, the boys appeared on the show to perform
Sugarscape – Love it > Sugar…
Morgan Spurlock is directing a 3D One Direction film. Wait, what
By Vince Mancini
Sony Pictures announced today that it’s making a 3D film showcasing London-based global music sensation One Direction. Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) will direct the film, which TriStar Pictures will
Watch First ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D‘ Clip, Starring Trey Songz (Video
This is going to be either terrible or awesomely terrible: Texas Chainsaw 3D. The update stars Alexandra Daddario (Hall Pass), Tania Raymonde (Lost), and.
One Direction Releasing 3D Movie! | BOP and Tiger Beat Online
By intern
“We are going to do our first-ever movie and it’s going to be in 3D and it’s coming to cinemas near you on the 30th of August, 2013,” Niall told the excited crowd that came to watch their performance on the Today show. You don’t only get to see
BOP and Tiger Beat Online

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