3D News – December 3, 2012

Staples to offer ‘Easy 3D‘ printing service, put an end to hackneyed
By Sharif Sakr
Just one more robbery and then we can happily retire. But there’s this nagging feeling that our criminal swan song should be more than just another Class.
Japanese firm offers expectant parents 3D-printed fetus from MRI
By Xeni Jardin
Biella Coleman is a geek anthropologist, in both senses of the epithet: an anthropologist who studies geeks, and a geek who is an anthropologist. Steven Johnson’s Future Perfect: optimistic look at the future of networked politics. In Steven
Boing Boing
WSU can print 3D parts from moon rock to help astronauts in a jam
By Jon Fingas
It was only a matter of time before 3D printers went to other worlds, really. Following a NASA line of questioning, Washington State University has.
Morality Of Making Guns On A 3D Printer – Business Insider
By Dylan Love
By now you’ve probably heard about Defense Distributed, a Texas organization that aims to distribute files for making firearms on professional-grade 3D printers. The group also intends to scale these designs down to the point that they can be
Will Smart Televisions Flop Like 3D TVs? | Benzinga
By Louis Bedigian
Electronics manufacturers are betting the farm on the so-called Smart TV concept that brings apps, games and other smartphone features to 50-inch flat screens. It might sound like a natural extension of the smartphone and tablet experience.
Benzinga – Stock Market Quotes,…
This 3D-printed robot walks, shoots, and transforms like an Autobot
By Kimber Streams
Brave Robotics has successfully created a fully functioning, 3D-printed transformer robot that’s considerably more sophisticated than other attempts we’ve seen. The black and yellow…
The Verge – All Posts
Iconic 3D movie audience photo taken 60 years ago this week
By David Pescovitz
Iconic 3D movie audience photo taken 60 years ago this week. David Pescovitz at 9:37 am Thu, Nov 29. LATEST FEATURES. Coding Freedom: an anthropologist understands hacker culture. Biella Coleman is a geek anthropologist, in both
Boing Boing
Controversial 3D Realms FPS ‘Shadow Warrior’ Coming to iOS This
By Jared Nelson
Controversial 3D Realms FPS ‘Shadow Warrior’ Coming to iOS This Year:As a big fan of classic first-person shooters, iOS is kind of a haven for me. It offers great ports of early titles that paved the way for modern FPS games which dominate
Touch Arcade
Future Talks ‘Pluto 3D,’ Rihanna Collabo & Sophomore Album – The
Future shares details on his sophomore album, collaboration with Rihanna and the success of ‘Pluto.’
Billboard.com News
3D printer creates objects from moon rocks | Geek-Cetera |Geek.com
By Ryan Whitwam
The 3D printers that have geeks excited usually print objects using some sort of plastic like ABS or PLA. A team out of Washington State University has been working with a different material that you can’t find at your local hobbyist shop: moon
Staples to offer 3D printing in European stores | SmartPlanet
By Joe McKendrick
Has the 3D printing revolution gone retail, or is Staples now in the contract manufacturing business? The lines are increasingly blurring between manu.
All Content on SmartPlanet
‘The Hobbit’ Will Debut With New 3D Tech
By Discovery News
Some audiences for "The Hobbit" will be first to witness new technology that displays images at 48 frames per second, twice as fast as the standard.
Staples to launch 3D printing service in early 2013 beginning in the
By Kimber Streams
Staples is launching a new service called Staples Easy 3D, which will allow customers to upload files to the Staples Office Center, have objects printed in 3D, and pick them up at a nearby store or…
The Verge – All Posts
Coming Tonight: ‘The Bowling Dead’, ‘Flashout 3D‘, ‘Ghost Racer
By Eli Hodapp
Coming Tonight: ‘The Bowling Dead’, ‘Flashout 3D‘, ‘Ghost Racer’, ‘Jet Set Radio’, ‘Street Fighter X Tekken Gauntlet’ and More:It’s Wednesday again, and by the looks of this week, it’s obvious most developers were simply avoiding last week
Touch Arcade
Staples to Introduce In-Store 3D Printing : TreeHugger
By Lloyd Alter
This makes so much sense, as long as they get good machines and staff who know how to use them.
Latest Items from TreeHugger
Justin Bieber ‘Believe 3D‘ Movie Being Filmed? — Shirtless Scenes
By Christopher Rogers
It appears as though Justin Bieber’s Believe tour will be turned into a 3D movie, which will be released sometime in 2013! Earlier today, Dec. 1, a photo leaked on Twitter, featuring a sign outside Justin’s concert claiming that “Believe 3D Movie
Hollywood Life
RealD Strikes 3D Tech Deal With Bulgaria’s Largest Exhibitor – The
By Stuart Kemp
The 3D technology provider will equip 44 Kino Arena screens in the Eastern European territory.
Partially 3D-printed robotic bass guitar rocks out with no human
By James Plafke
Nov. 28, 2012 – Much to the chagrin of bassists everywhere, engineering student James McVay recently created a robotic bass guitar. Surprisingly enough it actually sounds.
Company Uses 3D Printers To Make Incredibly Strong Fasteners
By Zach Walton
Company Uses 3D Printers To Make Incredibly Strong Fasteners. Objet is still at Eurmold 2012, and the company is showing off some of the most impressive 3D printed work to come out of its line of industrial printers. Today’s creations are sets
Top News – WebProNews
Justin Bieber 3D ‘Believe’ Movie in the Works? on Cambio
By Ashley Rose
Should we prepare ourselves for another Justin Bieber 3D movie?
Staples will soon offer in-store 3D printing | canada.com
By Patrick O’Rourke
3D printers are cool but also usually extremely expensive, making it difficult for regular people to use and purchase them. In order to get around this, Staples wants to help you make a handgun, 3D map or Pokemon action figure through its
Want A 3D Printer On The Cheap? Back This Kickstarter
By Zach Walton
Meet the Printrbot Jr, a $375 3D printer that’s being made for schools. The creator, Brook Drumm, says that his hope is to get two of these 3D printers into schools across the country. That’s why he’s offering the printers so cheaply with one
Top News – WebProNews
Staples Announces In-Store 3D Printing | Geekosystem
By Glen Tickle
3D printing is an exciting prospect. Being able to turn literally anything you can imagine into a physical object is truly the stuff of the future, but the days of everyone having a 3D printer in their home is still a ways off. Even so, perhaps it’s not quite as far as many
Researchers hope to create 3D-printed tools made of moon rock for
By Justin Rubio
Researchers at Washington State University are using 3D printing technology to create objects made of moon rock for use in space. Lead by Amit Bandyopadhyay, professor in the School of Mechanical…
The Verge – All Posts
“Carbomorph” material to enable 3D printing of custom personal
By Dario Borghino
University of Warwick researchers have created a material that can be used to cheaply 3D-print simple functioning electronic devices.
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
20 Legged 3D Printed Strandbeest Kinetic Sculpture by Theo Jansen
By EDW Lynch
“Animaris Geneticus Ondularis” is produced by on-demand 3D printing service Shapeways. We previously posted about Jansen’s wonderful giant-sized Strandbeests, wind-powered autonomous machines that roam the beaches of the
Laughing Squid
MAKE | 3D Printer User Profile: Andrew Plumb
By John Baichtal
With the publication of our Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing we learned about a growing number of hackers and makers who use the technology while on the job or just tinkering. We’ll be interviewing some of these folks to learn how they use 3D
Kim Jang Hoon to release 3D version of “Nothing” MV
By pkdance
Kim Jang Hoon stated, “3D is the next generation of display and only available within a few companies. But [after hearing the news of] Korean companies commercializing it, I couldn’t contain my shock and happiness. Because QBROAD also
Check Out Objet’s 3D Printed Designs From Euromold 2012
By Zach Walton
Objet is at Euromold 2012 this week, and has already made headlines with the announcement of its massive Objet1000 3D printer. Now the company is on the show floor showing off its latest innovations in 3D printing including a full-size golf
Top News – WebProNews
Justin Bieber Believe 3D Movie Announced Via Sign Outside Of
By Disney Dreaming
Wow! Justin Bieber didn’t get enough of the big screen with his movie Never Say Never, he’s now working on a new concert film titled Believe 3D Movie!
Disney Dreaming
Making 3D printing easy at the Staples copy center
By Brian Benchoff
Mcor Technologies and Staples are teaming up to provide 3D printing services via the online Staples Office Center service. This announcement comes from Mcor, the company behind the Iris 3D printer.
Hack a Day
Monsters University News – ‘Monsters University,’ ‘Monsters, Inc. 3D
By Todd Gilchrist
Disney didn’t provide attendees with a varsity jacket embroidered with their last names or even an old-school letterman’s sweater, but the studio earned.
Josh Wilding Reviews: RISE OF THE GUARDIANS 3D
Released last week in North America and out now in the UK, DreamWorks Animation’s Rise of the Guardians 3D brings together ‘Santa Claus’, ‘Sandman’, the ‘Easter Bunny’, the ‘Tooth Fairy’ and ‘Jack Frost’ in one film as they battle the
Comic Book Movie
Nintendo: Wii U Zelda and 3D Mario are coming, were considered
As good as some of the Wii U’s launch line-up has been, there are two notable absences. Two very large elephants in the room, one holding a plunger, the other dressed in elfin garb. But fear not. Nintendo hasn’t forgotten about 3D Mario and
GamesRadar – News
Germany: Industry Representatives Discuss 3D Technology in
By World Maritime News
Many of the processes, from draft via production all the way to operation, can be supported by 3D models and computer graphics. How can the actual dimensions of a compartment be measured efficiently in case of retrofit e.g. for ballast water
World Maritime News
3D Systems Jumps 11% | Benzinga
By Sam Mattera
Although automation in the manufacturing process is nothing new, 3D systems is on the cutting edge for what it is attempting to do. 3D printers offer self-contained devices that allow users to create objects from start to finish without the need for
Benzinga – Stock Market Quotes,…
Fiscal Cliff: The 3D Infographic | SilverDoctors.com
By The Doc
Our friends at Demonocracy have released another in-depth and visually stunning infographic, this time documenting the Bush era tax cuts and spending cuts.
Silver Doctors
Massive Attack’s 3D uploads mix of unreleased Terry Callier
By Joseph
By way of tribute, Massive Attack’s Robert ‘3D‘ Del Naja has stitched together elements from their 2005 recording sessions with Callier. The recordings were laid down by Del Naja with de facto band member Neil Davidge at Windmill Hill.
FACT Magazine: Music News, New Music.
webgl – 3D object viewer in MediaWiki? – Stack Overflow
By Benoît ROBIN
For now I’m just coding simple demos to display 3D models of starships from my main project, which is a Sci-Fi universe. My mid-term goal is to enhance a MediaWiki wiki with 3D display of objects described in pages, with orbit camera. I see it
Recent Questions – Stack Overflow
Justin Bieber “Believe 3D” Movie | Nickelodeon News
By Nickutopia Staff
There hasn’t been an official announcement yet, but Justin Bieber has a new movie coming to theaters! The film is titled Believe 3D and it will be similar.
Nickelodeon News
Intel’s Havok acquires 3D model and simulation firm Rocketbox
By Rich Scherr
Havok, a provider of real-time simulation development and 3D visualization technology, has acquired Rocketbox Studios, a developer of 3D character models and animations.
Digital Media Wire | connecting…
Fake 3D, Real Ferrari | STASH MAGAZINE
Barcelona VFX and motion house Fake conjure impressive 3D magic for Nextel in this new spot directed by Albert Uria thru Garage Films for TBWA. Editor and Sound Design: Doobie White @ Therapy Studios.
RenderLife creates a 3D model market
By Jeff Jedras
Toronto start-up launches a market where artists can sell 3D stock models, and businesses can be assured of quality models.
IT Business – Top stories
The Cellular Scale: Growing 3D Cells
By TheCellularScale
A recent paper from France details the making of a 3D environment that can facilitate ‘realistic’ neural growth. Labour et al. (2012) created a collagen biomimetic matrix which contains neural growth factor (NGF).
The Cellular Scale
‘ABCD’ First Look: India’s first 3D dance film- First Look- IBNLive
By IBNLive.com editor
Directed by Remo D’Souza, ‘ABCD’ stars Prabhu Deva, Ganrsh Acharya and Kay Kay Menon in the lead roles.
IBN Top Headlines
Flashout 3D Review
By John Llewellyn Martin
Geez, not another crappy racing game! These are the words that came out of my mouth when I was told to review Flashout 3D. Now these are the same words.
Arcade Sushi
The World’s First 3D Printing Photo Booth | Digital Buzz Blog
By Aden Hepburn
Hands up if you’ve got a 3D printer? We do too, but most of the ones you can get your hands on are pretty low-res and print liquid plastic. So what happens when you create a pop-up store with a high-end powder based 3D printer? Well, you
Digital Buzz Blog
Carbomorph Material Enables 3D-Printed Electronics, From Any 3D
Those of you unenthusiastic about 3D printing might have had the same thought as Dr. Simon Leigh: "It’s always great seeing the complex and intricate models of devices such as mobile phones or television remote controls that can be
Second Trailer For TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D
Reporting on comics being made into movies. Focusing on these properties coming soon: The 5th Batman movie Batman Begins, The Fantastic Four movie, Superman 5–the new superman movie, X-Men movie sequel X3, Hulk 2 movie,
Comic Book Movie
Iowa police hope new 3D laser will assist CSIs
By PoliceOne Staff DAVENPORT, Iowa A three-dimensional laser scanner from Faro Technologies that was unveiled Wednesday claims to turn a four-hour mapping job into less than an hour s work. The.
PoliceOne Daily News

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