Dirty Geometry: How to Repair and Edit Models Quickly and Easily

The goal of 3D modeling and manufacturing is to have a smooth, efficient process from concept design to production. In reality, 3D models are rarely ready for the next step along the production process. Dirty geometry can cause, for example, meshes to blow up or CAM tools to not work properly, ultimately leading to downtime on the shop floor.

In this webinar, we will show you how to leverage SpaceClaim’s specialized tools to clean up dirty geometry by analyzing, editing, and repairing solids directly, no matter the file type. You’ll see how SpaceClaim’s ease of use makes it invaluable to repairing geometry 2-5X more quickly than anything else on the market.

Sign up today to learn how you can learn more about SpaceClaim’s powerful repair tools for dirty geometry.

Source: p.spaceclaim.com


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