Stratasys Color Multi-Material 3D Printing: a Sound Idea for Oxman’s Gemini Acoustic Chaise – Stratasys Blog

Neri Oxman, Architect, Designer and Professor of Media, Arts and Science at MIT Lab, in collaboration with Professor W. Craig Carter, Department of Materials Science and Engineering of MIT, has continued to push the envelope of Stratasys color multi-material 3D printing – based on the Objet Connex color, multi-material technology – with her new Gemini chaise.

Watch an exclusive interview with Neri Oxman to see how she created this unique, ground-breaking piece.

This two part acoustic chaise lounge, debuting last week as part of the Vocal Vibrations exhibition at Le Laboratoire in Paris, combines both traditional and additive manufacturing processes.

The Gemini Acoustic Chaise, combining conventional and additive manufacturng techniques, photography by Michel Figuet;
Design Neri Oxman; 3D Printed by Stratasys

Conveying the relationship of twins in the womb through material properties and their spatial arrangement, Gemini features an enclosure which cushions the body within a colored, multi-material Stratasys 3D printed cocoon, replicating the tranquillity of the womb.

Neri Oxman’s Gemini Acoustic Chaise inner lining composed of Stratasys 3D printed PolyJet color digital materials with varying elastic and acoustical properties, photography by Yoram Reshef

A solid wood shell house provides the protective exterior. Lining Gemini from the inside are 44 composite PolyJet digital materials, including color, produced on the Objet500 Connex3 Color Multi-material 3D Printer from Stratasys. The 3D printed ‘skin’ uses Stratasys’ unique triple jetting technology and combines three base materials: Stratasys’ rubber-like TangoPlus, rigid VeroYellow and VeroMagenta, forming varying shades of transparent and opaque yellows and oranges, in different rigidities. The materials, shapes and surfaces of the 3D printed skin enable a unique vibrational acoustic effect for a quiet calming environment.

“The twin chaise spans multiple scales of the human existence extending from the warmth of the womb to the stretches of the Gemini zodiac in deep space. It recapitulates a human cosmos, our body, like the constellation, drifting in quiet space. Here the duality of nature is expressed through the combination of traditional materials and state of the art 3D printing,” says Oxman. “Stratasys new Connex color multi-material 3D printing capability has allowed me to create a rich dialog between sound and light, rigid and flexible, natural and man-made materials and high and low spatial frequencies in ways that were impossible until now.”

Creator and creation become one: Professor Neri Oxman with her Gemini aoustic chaise, 3D printed by Stratasys, unveiled at Le Laboratoire; photography by Michel Figuet

Twins born to star

Gemini features separate, independent parts that together form an enclosure: Gemini Alpha and Gemini Beta. They are inspired by the mythical relationship between the Dioskouri twins, Castor, born of man (named Gemini Beta after the star in the Northern constellation of Gemini) and Pollux born divine (named Gemini Alpha after the second brightest star in the constellation of Gemini).

In keeping with Greek mythology, the first piece, Gemini Alpha recapitulates the form of a swan, as it is believed that Leda, the twins’ mother, became pregnant with Pollux after being seduced by Zeus in the disguise of a swan. Inspired by the lingual root of the word ‘swan’, “sound” or “to sing,” Gemini Alpha includes a sound enclosure featuring a range of Stratasys 3D printed PolyJet color digital materials with varying elastic and acoustical properties. Surface features that are more curved than others are assigned more elastic properties thereby increasing sound absorption around local chambers.

Watch an exclusive interview with Neri Oxman to see how she created this unique, ground-breaking piece. 

Gemini was designed by Neri Oxman in collaboration with Prof. W. Craig Carter (Department of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT), manufactured by Stratasys using its 3D Printing technology, and by Le Laboratoire using CNC milling.


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