3D-printed cast heals broken bones, doubles as Bluetooth speaker – CNET

Medical casts are getting a whole lot smarter thanks to the BoomCast, a 3D-printed cast with sensors and electronics onboard to help doctors better track the healing process and provide improved mobility.

The BoomCast project was conceived of by Mike North, perhaps best known for his role on the Science Channel’s “Outrageous Acts of Science” or his “In The Making” YouTube series. North broke his leg celebrating the life of his best friend Dan Fredinburg, the Google executive who was killed in an avalanche on Mount Everest back in April.

When North, a frequent traveler who’s highly active, was fitted for a cast, his doctors gave him two options. Either he could be fitted with a walking cast that allowed him to move freely but not be able to travel due to potential swelling, or they could cut the cast in half to eliminate swelling issues, but he’d be bound to crutches.

And here’s the finished product on Mike North’s foot.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.cnet.com

See on Scoop.itPlastic Prototyping


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