If you are an established manufacturing company looking to raise the bar in innovation, how would you tackle it today? How would you provide better value to your customers?

The future factory, or commonly labelled industry 4.0, has seen a major push towards additive manufacturing. Yet, embracing a digital factory presents challenges with the transition from prototyping to a production-focused additive manufacturing factory. One of the main tests is to regulate scalability and an optimized production process that rely on platform based technology solutions. Another is to supply instant and on-demand customized products. With those challenges in mind, there are signs that denote a future factory is already here.

Stratasys recently unveiled the Continuous Build 3D Demonstrator at RAPID 2017, the first 3D printing platform that features the ability to perform interconnected print cells and automated workflow. The Demonstrator showcases a modular system built with reliability, scalability and repeatability as the backbone of its technology. Performing multiple tasks alongside each other provides an efficiency upgrade in production, which allows for additive manufacturing techniques that were previously unavailable. With the Continuous Build 3D Demonstrator, Stratasys is integrating the factory of the future with the ones we have today.
If you are interested in this printing solution, please contact us here to receive more information and a free quote.


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