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Strandbeest now available on 3D printers
Coolest Gadgets
They sound very difficult to make, but what if it is possible to make these Strandbeests from something as simple as a 3D printer? Of course, I don’t see anything simple about 3D printing, and it’s not like all of us have a 3D printer like we have a 2D
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Coolest Gadgets
The 3D Printing Revolution in SoCal
Neon Tommy
“Sometimes it doesn’t work,” said Gilmer of 3D printing, the manufacturing trend that’s becoming wildly popular with tech hobbyists and designers. “But when it works, you have the time of your life.” Crash Space represents only a tiny microcosm of the
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Mcor Announces First US Office
TCT Magazine
We see this as an important step in forging ahead with the Matrix Revolution and providing accessible 3D printing for everyone,” explained Dr MacCormack. The Matrix 300 3D printer is now available in Europe and will be launched in the US in Q3 2011.
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TCT Magazine
Lokmat introduces 3D issue to commemorate Maharashtra Divas
afaqs (press release)
Commenting on the successful venture Mr. Jwalant Swaroop, Director- Advertising, commented "3D printing is indeed impactful. I am glad we were able to sell the concept to clients of Consumer electronics, Automobile, Real Estate and Financial services
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Strandbeests birthed from 3D printer pop out ready to walk (video
By Christopher Trout
While designer Theo Jansen’s dreams of a race of independently multiplying Strandbeests is more than just a little bit out there, it seems he has.
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Blog « MakerBot Industries
He will scan you in his 3D Photo Booth, then print you using the MakerBot. There are no end of very practical applications for 3D printing,
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3D Printing Systems added 12 new photos to the album 3D Prints from our 3d printer. 3D Printed Model Gallery « 3D Printing Systems Australia New Zealand
how to 3d print? – CNCzone.com-The Largest Machinist Community on
Hi everyone, my username says it all… I’m a newb at this. I’m an architecture student and have building renderings from rhino, is there anyway I.

3D Printing News – Feb 23 2011

3D Printer Will Print Body Parts Within the Next 20 Years
By James Mulroy, PCWorld Feb 22, 2011 10:08 AM A MakerBot 3D printer.What if you could do anything you wanted without worrying about losing some limbs? That day may be here soon! Researchers in the Computational Synthesis Laboratory at Cornell
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3D Systems Delivers Plus Upgrades for Its ProJet(TM) 3D Printers
TradersHuddle.com (press release)
23, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — 3D Systems (Nasdaq:TDSC) announced today the immediate availability of new Plus upgrades for its ProJet™ HD 3000 and CPX 3000 3D printers. These productivity upgrades provide measurable value for current customers,
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Make your own guitar with a 3D printer
Reg Hardware
By Caleb Cox • Get more from this author This is the Zoybar Tor, created by a musician called Bård SD, using the open-source 3D modelling software Blender. Bård then had the body parts printed by Shapeways on a 3D printer for $175.
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Supply Chain News: How Soon will "Printed" Parts Revolutionize Supply Chains
Supply Chain Digest
Digital printing industry analyst Terry Wohlers, for example, says right now more than 20% of the output of 3D printers is for final products, not just prototypes, and he predicts that this will rise to 50% by 2020. And that would be with significant
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Recognizing Creativity and Innovation in 3D Printing | Public
By Michael Weinberg
The world of 3D printing was in a tizzy last week discussing a DMCA takedown notice received by the website Thingiverse, a website that allows users to share and discuss their 3D printed designs. It was something of a milestone because
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3D printing gets its first DMCA notice | American Libraries Magazine
By Griffey
American Libraries Magazine, the magazine of the American Library Association, delivers news and information about the library community.
American Libraries Magazine -… – http://americanlibrariesmagazine.org/
3D-Printed Skin Could Revolutionize Treatment for Burn Victims
By Timon Singh
Scientists Use 3D Printer to Create First “Printed” Human Vein. 3D Printing technology has recently leapt into a new realm — we’ve seen printers that can create entire buildings out of stone, delicious meals out
INHABITAT – http://inhabitat.com/
3D Printing: The most important innovation you’ve never heard of
3D printing is also already being developed worldwide, and the Global North Because 3D printing makes it easier to manufacture and copy individual

Rapid Prototyping NEWS – Feb 23 2011

3D Systems buys Quickparts
Plastics News
22, 12:15 pm ET) — 3D Systems Corp. has acquired rapid prototyping specialist Quickparts Inc. Rock Hill-based 3D Systems launched 3Dproparts, a rapid prototyping and manufacturing parts service, in October 2009. Since then, it has expanded
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Trine to honor engineers
Coldwater Daily Reporter
Civil engineers will give a hydraulic flume demonstration; the department of technology will give demonstrations in rapid prototyping; advanced manufacturing will have demonstrations; mechanical engineers will give a foundry demonstration;
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Next step for Unreal Engine 3 revealed at GDC | Game Development
Epic added that will host a free advanced training session for Unreal Engine 3 licensees; with guidance offered on content creation best practices to rapid prototyping with Unreal Kismet. Those interested should email Mark Rein.
Develop – http://www.develop-online.net/
Rapid Prototyping With Sinatra | Design Shack
Reading an article entitled Rapid Prototyping With Sinatra on Design Shack.
Where to buy Rapid prototype machines? – Yahoo! Answers
I would like to know the best Brand of Rapid proto…