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comingtompicspacer100% Inspection and Measurement Error
How to handle the problem of misclassified product
by Donald J. Wheeler

One-hundred-percent inspection is commonly used to avoid shipping nonconforming product. Each of the items produced is measured and judged to be either conforming or nonconforming. The conforming items get shipped, and the nonconforming items get set aside for use as factory-authorized replacement parts or some other equally ignominious fate. It all seems quite simple until you do the math. The purpose of this article is to show what happens when a product stream is subjected to 100-percent screening inspection with less-than-perfect measurement systems. [full story]

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  1. Root Cause Analysis, Part 2: Critical Success Factors
  2. Root Cause Analysis, Part 1: Technique
  3. Your Process Lies
  4. What Did Deming Really Say?
  5. De-Stress for Success




Try thinking outside the QC glossary. Take a quality term and then add, subtract, or change one letter of it. (You may only make one of those changes per word.) Give it a new definition. Send your terms to qdcontest1. We’ll publish the three best definitions next month and ask you to vote on the winner. The winner will receive a TomTom GPS. Contest ends May 25.

Here are some examples to get you started. Good luck!

1. Stadistical: Inflicting complicated equations on a captive audience

2. Root clause analysis: Trying to figure out which section of a standard is the most confusing.

3. Dimention: A particularly brainless suggestion made at a meeting.




Need a break from serious number-crunching? Since sociologists have determined that humans work best in on-off cycles, we’re offering some weekly downtime along with our daily quality news. Check it out—you may become more productive.

1. Points of Order: Deming’s 14
2. Bionic Arm Design Challenge




News bits for the water-cooler crowd

Danish tech company is revolutionizing pitching data

But it ain’t over till the fat lady weighs in.

Learning science through gaming
Why didn’t they teach us like this back in the day?




Nocturnal Aye Aye lemurs are famous for their thin, spidery middle fingers, which they use to detect hidden prey like beetle grubs. The finger is packed with sensitive nerve endings so it uses a lot of energy, and like any delicate device, it is best turned off when not in use. This thermal image shows substantial temperature differences in a Duke Lemur Center Aye Aye’s right middle finger (near its nose), which is warming to probe a treat it has been offered.

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comingtompicspacerAre You a Sheet or Shelf Thinker?
How you think will govern organizational performance
by Tripp Babbitt

My first job was in industrial distribution, and with distribution came learning to count inventory. An annual inventory tax was levied, so an accurate count was important. I was given a computer list of items to count. An important lesson I learned was that to get an accurate count, there was a right and wrong method. [full story]


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1:00-1:30 p.m.—See the benefits of using MCC to manage your measuring systems, including machines, programs, and results.

1:30-2:00 p.m.—Get a live demo of out ACCTee software on the high-accuracy integrated Surface 2000 texture and contour measuring system.


comingtompicspacerAutomating That Quality Job
Robots are finding their way into consumer manufacturing, including quality assurance
by Robotics Industries Association

As robots and their control systems become more powerful and flexible, robotics are moving from heavy industrial applications into producing consumer products we all use in our daily lives. Fickle consumers demand products in new forms, which plays to the strength of robotics’ inherent flexibility to change while keeping production local. Vision-enabled robots are also used in warehouse distribution systems and to test consumer goods for quality control. [full story]


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comingtompicspacerAn Interview with Donald J. Wheeler
The statistician talks about Deming, quality issues, and his own interesting career
by Dirk Dusharme

Donald J. Wheeler has been awarded the Deming Medal by the American Society for Quality for "the propagation of Dr. Deming’s ideas throughout the world through his numerous books and seminars on quality management and statistical quality improvement." Here he answers some questions for Quality Digest Daily.