Strong Attendance Expected at Canada’s Major Manufacturing Event

Toronto, Canada, June 28, 2010 — With a steady increase in manufacturing sales eight out of the last 10 months and a predicted upward trend, Canadian manufacturers are gearing up for better times ahead.

According to organizers of the upcoming Canadian Manufacturing Week (CMW)/Weld Expo 2010, this renewed sense of optimism is translating into strong interest in Canada’s preeminent manufacturing event, which will feature new industry realities and solutions as a central theme.

CMW/WeldExpo 2010 – which will take place from October 5 to 7 at the Toronto Congress Centre – is being presented by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers in partnership with Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, Canadian Welding Association, Canadian Wind Energy Association, Canadian Fluid Power Association and the Autoparts Manufacturers Association.

"Coming out of a difficult economy, Canadian manufacturers know that business as usual is not an option anymore," said Nick Samain, Event Manager, emphasizing that this year’s event will focus on new challenges and new opportunities.

"Manufacturers are looking for solutions to such issues as a high dollar, credit challenges, increased regulation and stiff global competition," Samain said. "They’re looking for knowledge and education to be leaner, more innovative and competitive, and CMW/WeldExpo 2010 will offer direct solutions to meet these challenges."

For one, an unprecedented, comprehensive education program will be presented, including keynote presentations, interactive Town Hall meetings, technical programs, one-on-one matchmaking opportunities, Canada’s Best Welder Competition, a networking reception and much more.

With more new technologies, features and partnership support than ever before, CMW/WeldExpo 2010 is expected to draw more than 5,000 manufacturers. Samain explained that the show floor will be packed with the latest innovations in advanced manufacturing, fabricating, welding, design engineering, metal forming rapid prototyping, automation, enabling attendees to source the tools and equipment they need to compete and grow their operations.

Held every two years, the event has a 20-year history of serving key manufacturing sectors across Canada including the automotive, energy, aerospace, custom fabricators, transportation and medical industries. New for 2010 is a move to the Toronto Congress Centre, to better serve exhibitors and attendees in an upgraded and more modern facility, close to all major highways, Pearson international airport and, most importantly, thousands of manufacturing facilities, Samain said.

"We are very excited with the change in venue and the significant upgrades to almost every aspect of the customer experience at CMW/WeldExpo 2010 this year," he said. "Planned for more than two years, the event is taking place at an ideal time and location for the manufacturing industry."

"With the recovery full steam ahead in the automotive and energy sectors here in Ontario and manufacturing sales on the rise month after month across Canada, we are looking at what could be the best edition of this event ever," he said.


Product Development Simplified !

Innovative new technology-changing the manufacturing sectors, with the touch of a button.

Driven by passion for Design and Engineering, one company is revolutionizing multiple sectors, with an innovative new product. The future has arrived and is about to prove itself beneficial to multiple sectors.

Proto3000 Inc. is a 3D Engineering Solutions company that has successfully made their mark with product development in this market. With passion for excellent customer service, this organization provides innovative technology to manufacturing professionals. Utilizing advanced 3D Engineering Technologies, Proto3000 accelerates the product development process.

“3D Computer Aided Design (CAD), Rapid Prototyping and Handheld 3D Laser Scanning technologies can be used synergistically to provide a cost efficient product development process” according to Eyal Geiger, Engineering Manager at Proto3000.

Product development is a key aspect of any market, and to ensure the success of the company or product, quality assurance and testing are ever growing necessities. Proto3000 takes this necessity to the next level and combines the latest technology along with ease of use.

The product development process begins when several conceptual drawings are developed; they are then designed in 3D CAD. Rapid Prototypes of the CAD data are built and then utilized for field testing in order to confirm the 3D CAD data. Proto3000 presents a cost effective solution; Reducing costs and keeping quality at its highest through the use of the 3D Laser Scanning for inspection purposes. The 3D Scanner digitizes the part surface in real-time to its computer software. The original 3D CAD data and the digitized surface mesh are then merged to produce full inspection reports. Further post-processing of the scanned data can be used for Reverse Engineering. This allows the product to be redesigned and improved prior to final inspection. This action alone can save weeks of laborious and cost intensive processes prior to production.

Handheld 3D Laser Scanning is quickly growing into a new phenomenon among national manufacturers in multiple industries, (Product Development, Aerospace, Automotive, Archaeology, Medical, just to name a few) – with limitless potential. A growing roster of clients is proof that these scanners are an engineering solution, that offers:

– increased productivity and efficiency

– High accuracy and resolution

– Flexible scanning capabilities with no mobility limitations

Based out of their office in Concord (Ontario) Proto3000 is going above and beyond the call of duty. This organization helps customers use and maintain the product, in addition to the professional services they offer. What does this mean to clients? This means quality, safety, dedication, and a stepping stone to a new generation of handheld 3D laser scanning and its multiple uses.

Proto3000 has managed to assist their clients to save money and eliminating unnecessary production wait times. By combining customer service, product knowledge and passion for the industry, Proto3000 has proven to be a growing success in this industry.

Proto3000 recently exhibited its handheld 3D Laser Scanner and Rapid Prototyping Processes at this year’s Canadian Manufacturing and Technology Show which took place from October 19 – 22, 2009. These trades were received with great success and are a staple for manufacturing and product development services.

For further questions or comments, as well as media inquiries please email or call 905-738-1779.